Monday, June 15, 2009

Remembering Naomi

On my recent trip to the city I was thinking about the people I had known when I lived there, and one of the special ones was my Mother-in-law, Naomi. She was a person that loved parties, loved stories, and was a very good artist. Naomi lived with us for awhile, and as she progressed into that dark place called Alzheimer’s she went inside herself, and in the end just wanted to leave here.
I loved her, and miss her.
Along the way I wrote a number of poems about her, and want to share them with you. If you are in this situation, my heart and prayers go out for you.

I’m afraid to stop for gas
on the way home.
If I got out of the car
it would explode out of me.
That scream I’ve held since
I walked into your room.
That log of a lump in my throat
tearing at my heart.
It grows when you beg to come home.
It mutates when you cry
and promise to try harder
to remember.
It curls like a lizard around my faith
causing me to doubt my love,
If you could just hear
my whisper.
good bye

Dark Star
So frail, in and out of the present.
At least your window sees the trees,
not the parking lot.
I remember time past at the Playboy Club.
Drinking gin fizzes, laughing at your antics.
Black skirt, white blouse, shaking it,
steady on the dance floor.
Alzheimer’s came between trips to
the beauty parlor and summer walks.
Sucked the air out of your life,
made it the size of a small room.
Time imploding, shrinking in on itself.
A dark star in the end, no light escaping.
Others left to tell the stories.
Others left to remember.

First published in The Scioto Voice


  1. Robert, you say it so well. You make me cry.

  2. Lovely poems. Alzheimer's is such a heart breaking disease, I'm sorry you had to go through it with youor mother-in-law.

  3. There is no doubting your love, commitment and honouring of promises. Naomi may not know it firsthand but she 'knows' it of old. Rgds, Ivan

  4. i came here from Lauri's. Really enjoyed your fly fishing story, and cried over the peotry. Just beautiful. Thank you