Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trip North

I was in Cincinnati last week. Drove up for a few reasons. I was unable to go a month ago because of my shoulder, and I needed a baby fix. I also wanted to test out some backpacking equipment with my son.

The girls are really growing, and the little one was so funny. When I held her and kissed her on the head she would look at me and lean over for more. Melts the heart! Both girls were just a joy.
The day hiking went well. The wild flowers were blooming, and the trail along the lake was clear. The hill trail had not been cleaned off, so going over the blow downs were a problems.

Went by the old neighborhood, and saw the house where I lived. Looked smaller than I remember.

Not much to tell, so I’ll share some pictures, and a poem I wrote about when, like all boys, I couldn’t wait to grow up.


Most days in the city
I’d look out the window at
the chain link fence
in the back yard.

It seemed to be
a few feet away.
My own stalag.
The end of the world.

So I’d bang the keys
on the old Royal,
escaping into the
white paper.

Tastes that had not been tasted.
Seas that had not been sailed.
Loss that had not been lost.

Sitting there I’d wait
and wait, for life to catch up
to my dreams.

Robert W. Kimsey

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